Gluten-Free Pizza Goodness


Just made some delicious gluten-free pizza from (almost) scratch. Started with herb rice pizza crusts from Whole Foods Markets. Then, used a chunky-style sauce from Ragu and shredded mozzarella. Yum! And very easy. Bake at 400 degrees for about 14 minutes or so. And, voila! Crunchy, warm and delish!

gluten-free homemade pizza




Well, today I felt like I needed a boost. I just purchased the Nutriblast – yes, midnight infomercials do work – and wanted to try it with a mix of veggies – carrots, broccoli, parsley, arugula – and fruits – blueberries, pineapple and apple juice. It was grainier than I’d expected, but still tasty. Later, though, I had digestion trouble. Ate some greek yogurt and that really helped. Read that it’s better to go slowly and maybe not jump in with certain veggies that are hard to digest. So, next time I’ll amend and start slowly.  I’ll keep you posted.


Cambria Pines Lodge Dinner Package


Recently went to one of my favorite seaside towns, Cambria, in Central California, and stayed at the Cambria Pines Lodge using their Escape Package. $119 for a room and dinner for two. Here are two of my dinners – scallops and lamb chops – both were delish and gluten-free!  Highly recommend staying here, especially when the package is available.

CPL_Scallop_Dinner cpl_dinner_package

Welcome to living gluten-free and traveling the world one meal at a time.


I’ve been managing my gluten-free lifestyle for about two years now. At first, it was really hard. What, no more pizza??? Then, I started to eat more whole foods, fruits and veggies, and voila!  I lost twenty pounds. Unfortunately, I then discovered a growing world of not-so-healthy gluten-free alternatives cropping up everywhere, from the aisles at Whole Foods to B.J.’s Restaurant.

Last week, I started veering from the gluten-free path, having a bagel for the first time in years. I’m not a celiac, so it wouldn’t really hurt me. But, actually, it did –  my digestion roared for the next two days. So, needless to say I’m back on the road to recovery. I also started a job at a college with vending machines full of candy – some with wheat, some without.  I need to go back to healthier options and hopefully, with you all at my side, I can relearn that gluten-free can be healthy.